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Stephanie Belcher, experienced art director and professional graphic designer
Jimmydog Design Group's founder and owner, Stephanie Belcher, is a publication professional with more than 25 years of experience. She specializes in design, redesign and art direction for market-savvy business magazines, as well as non-profit organizations and industry associations.

Stephanie has worked as a professional graphic designer and art director for trade and custom publications for such publishing heavyweights as Reed Business Information (the world's largest trade publisher) and Pace Communications (the largest privately owned custom publisher in the United States). Her background includes design work on the industry-leading Furniture/Today and Home Accents Today as well as art direction for leading publications Teradata, Bedtimes and Sleep Savvy.

Jimmydog Design Group delivers on the depth of Stephanie's professional experience, as well as the breadth of freelance illustrators and photographers that she has collaborated with through the years to create and execute publication designs and redesigns. She has proven her expertise in creating publications and marketing materials for demanding organizations and managing products on-budget and on-schedule.

Stephanie is an award-winning art director and professional graphic designer. She has received many industry honors, including:

Hermes award, Newsletters, Dayton Ad Club, 2004
(for Teradata Magazine )

Award of Excellence, Publications, International Association of Business Communications district-level Silver Quill Awards, 2003
(for Teradata Magazine)

Award of Merit, Publication Design, Three International Association of Business Communications district-level Silver Quill Awards, 2003
(for Teradata Magazine)

Award of Excellence, New Magazines and Journals, Apex 2002 - Awards for Publication Excellence
(for Teradata Magazine)

Master's Award Winner, Best overall magazine, American Society of Media Professionals, 2002
(for Teradata Magazine)

Honorable mention, Best Table of Contents, 2001 Folio magazine Ozzie awards
(for Teradata Magazine)

Winner of American Society of Business Editors Best New Publication, 2000
(for eCommerce Business Magazine)

Finalist in 2000 Neal Awards for Best New Publication
(for eCommerce Business Magazine)

Winner of seven Graphics Medals of Excellence
(for Furniture/Today)

Stephanie lives in North Carolina with her husband Todd and their two dogs, Sally and Betty.

To discuss the print needs of your business or organization, call Stephanie at 336-201-7475 or e-mail us from our contact page. Or visit the Services page for a complete list of Jimmydog's professional graphic design services.

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