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Custom Portrait: Esther the Wonder Pig & Shelby

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Esther the Wonder Pig & Shelby

“I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! So great!!!! I always say this when Todd does a new portrait for me but it’s one of his very best! After a hard day, seeing Esther and Shelby in this fabulous portrait makes everything better. I know they are going to love it too!”

— Julie Palm, Winston Salem, North Carolina

Esther the Wonder Pig is some pig. She was misrepresented as a "micro pig" and sold to her dad's Steve and Derek in the Summer of 2012. She was just 4 pounds, and in under 2 years she grew to be 500 pounds! By that time, Derek and Steve had fallen in love with Esther and came to learn that pigs are loving and intelligent souls. Bringing Esther into their lives changed everything for all of them. They are now dedicated vegans sharing what they've learned with the world and through a kickstarter campaign were able to purchase a Canadian farm and start their very own animal rescue sanctuary, The Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary. To learn more about Esther, Steve, Derek, HEEFS and all the wonderful souls living with them, please visit EstherTheWonderPig.com and Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary.

Peace. Love. Esther.

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