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Custom Portrait Testimonials for Jimmydog's Todd Belcher
Artist Todd Belcher is renowned for his ability to convey the personality of his subjects through his custom paintings and pencil portraits. Here's what people are saying about Todd's original Custom Portraits.

“My parents were college sweethearts and after more than 40 years are still calling each other by the nicknames they used then. This portrait, drawn from photos taken during their college days, seemed the perfect way to honor their long marriage and the steadfast love they've shared for so many years. Today, this portrait is the centerpiece to the "family wall" in their home.”
— Vicky Jarrett, Thomasville, North Carolina

This custom portrait was commissioned as an anniversary gift.

"I am soooo happy!! Thank you, thank you soooo much. (I'm in tears....) I LOVE IT and I know my husband will too. Thank you for your beautiful work!"
— Dy V., San Diego, CA

“For a special Mother’s Day gift, I commissioned Todd to do this portrait of my mother, my sister and myself. I'm an adult now and thought it would be great to have a portrait of how we all were when we were young. Todd did this beautiful portrait from two different old and faded photographs. When we presented it to my mom, she was speechless. How nice to give her something that truly touched her heart! Todd really knows how to capture the spirit of the subjects in his drawings.”
— Lisa Souther, Thomasville, North Carolina

This custom portrait was commissioned as a Mother’s Day gift.

"Words are not enough to express how I feel about this portrait of our beloved dogs. It was so much fun meeting with you both and discussing the vision and seeing it come to fruition. As you know, it brought tears to my eyes and I`ll treasure it forever!!"
— Kathleen Graham, Winston Salem, North Carolina

Kat's Pack was commissioned by Kat so she could have one portrait of all her bulldogs past and present at their favorite place.

“I’m in tears, look at the pathos in that face. It’s more than a portrait. It’s a story. Thank you so much. I cannot believe how well Todd captured this moment. The eyes, the eyes – they tell the entire story. The back story, this is the picture sent to me Dec 6th last year right after Thanksgiving at 11:00pm in the evening, where he only weighed 32 pounds but up from the 21.2 lbs. and Dr Hedrick texted this and said ‘He is going to make it’... Best text of my life, best texted image, and now this portrait that immortalizes ‘he is going to live!’ This was a moment that needed an artist. And live he did.”
— Susan McClung - Charlotte, North Carolina

“Portrait arrived in the mail this am and we LOVE IT. Perfect, even got her”special” little teeth! Could not be more pleased. Looking forward to getting it framed. Thank you for your work in getting it to us so quickly. A total pleasure working with you both. Now my Siamese is quite jealous. Many thanks to both of you for all of your efforts."
— Deborah Simmons, Pinehurst, North Carolina

"I wanted to share that the portrait of Leah for my husband`s Christmas gift was a huge hit! He loved it and was very moved. This will be cherished forever. Thank you!"
— Lisa C., Kernersville, North Carolina

“Thank you so much, you guys are awesome, he is so beautiful! Beautiful job!!!”
— Kellie Jenkins Campbell, Clemmons, North Carolina

“I received your kind beautiful 'irreplaceable' card today. It truly touched my heart. Thank you for your kindness, it means so much. I am thankful for you and for your special thoughts of me and my Sadie girl at this time. I will forever cherish the painting. Thank you both for your big hearts.”
— Debbie Swank, Winston Salem, North Carolina

“Thank you so much for this wonderful memorial portrait of our beloved Fiona. She was a rescue cat, part Siamese and the color of butterscotch. With care and patience she grew into a wonderful companion who never wanted to be left. We would find her in the suitcase or packing box and would have to hide our suitcases if going on a trip. Thank you for capturing her in one of her favorite places, all snuggled up in bubble wrap.”
— K.W., Atlanta, Georgia

"We absolutely LOVE it! We both have tears in our eyes remembering our precious Jake just like this. What a treasure this is. Todd, thank you so much! No words can express our gratitude. You captured Jake perfectly."
— Debbie Robbins, Reidsville, North Carolina

“Those are my girls! Thank you so much for bringing them to life in this portrait.”
— Hannah Merola, West Haven, UT

"So nice to remember my dear Gertrude with this new portrait by Todd. She was a smart, gorgeous cat who loved to spend time outdoors, and Todd captured her perfectly."
— Julie P., Winston Salem, North Carolina

“Josh really loved the painting of Dixie. He actually cried when he saw it!"
— Susan Griffin, Lexington, North Carolina

"Todd & Stephanie, I wanted to let you to know how delighted I am with Todd’s treatment of Oscar. I knew the picture would make me rather sad but what I didn’t anticipate is how comforting the picture is to me. I believe that I needed some special memorial for him and this seems to fulfill that need. Todd’s work has a kind of magic to it and I am so appreciative of the talent and care he took in Oscar’s portrait."
— Donna Burke, Winston Salem, North Carolina

"Nearly 14 years after I first contemplated commissioning a portrait of my first fur baby Ollie and now it’s finally complete. I couldn’t be any happier with the final result. It’s an amazing feeling seeing the finished portrait and knowing I now have this beautiful, custom work of art of my first real love."
— Suzanne Jalot, Dog Living Magazine

“Once again Todd did a fantastic job. I can't wait to get it to hang by Jade's portrait!! I will continue to spread the word about Todd's great work and will definitely be in touch if I have any more projects. Thanks again for all your great work!! It's been a pleasure dealing with you both.”
— Mary Beth Broadwater, Southfield, MI

"It was a double Christmas treat to get this portrait of my big fat beagle Edison, painted by my good friend Todd - it perfectly captures Edison's chubby nobility! Thanks Patty (and Todd and Stephanie) - I love it!"
— Burt Dellinger, Hickory, North Carolina

"We are absolutely thrilled with Smokey’s portrait I want to thank you sooo much! We can’t wait to get it framed. It will look great on our wall. Thank you again for this beautiful work of art. If anyone we know wants a pet portrait in the future, we will gladly refer you."
— Elaine & Eddie O’Rourke, MA

“Fredy’s portrait looks AMAZING! I know Jerry will love it.. it really captures the essence of Fred, in such a unique, stylistic way. My boyfriend has a genuine appreciation for art, so I know he will love this portrait.”
— Britney Pelletier, Sanford, North Carolina

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