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Custom Portrait: Lucky


“I’m in tears, look at the pathos in that face. It’s more than a portrait. It’s a story. Thank you so much. I cannot believe how well Todd captured this moment. The eyes, the eyes – they tell the entire story. The back story, this is the picture sent to me Dec 6th last year right after Thanksgiving at 11:00pm in the evening, where he only weighed 32 pounds but up from the 21.2 lbs. and Dr Hedrick texted this and said ‘He is going to make it’... Best text of my life, best texted image, and now this portrait that immortalizes ‘he is going to live!’ This was a moment that needed an artist. And live he did.”

— Susan McClung - Charlotte, North Carolina

Lucky was saved by the most caring group of people when he was almost near death. This portrait was done from a photo taken of Lucky when the doctor knew he would live. Lucky was adopted by a wonderful woman and will never know neglect or hunger again.

Click here to learn more about Lucky and his story.

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